Dress Code

What to wear? We’re here to offer guidance on how to dress for class. See below:

Students are expected to wear the appropriate attire and shoes, based on the class, as listed.  Students not in proper dress code will be asked to sit out. Dress code is for the proper dance training of your child, and is not optional.

All Students:

  • Hair MUST be neatly and tightly pulled back
  • Ballet: girl’s hair must be in a TIGHT, NEAT bun with no flyaways, hair nets preferred.
  • Children: No jewelry except small earrings
  • You may bring a water bottle, but leave it by the door
  • Unless specified, leotards may be in a simple style of your choosing.

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Recommended Stores:
Dancer’s Image (driving, commuter rail, MBTA green line and short walk)
612 Washington Street
Newton, MA 02460 | 617.964.4070
Open 10-7 daily (Friday 10-6, Saturday 10-5, Sunday 12-5)

 Teddy Shoes (MBTA- Central SQ)- call first to make sure they have correct style/size/color
548 Mass Ave
Cambridge, MA 02139 | 617.354.2987
Hours: Sunday 12-5pm, Tuesdays off
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday 11-5pm

make sure to toggle to your correct class listing for the most accurate requirements!
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Creative DanceBLOCH® light pink tank or short sleeveWhite ankle socksPink leather ballet, full sole
Ballet/ Tap/ Jazz ComboBLOCH® white tank or short sleeveBLOCH® Light pink with closed foot Pink leather ballet, full sole. Students will need tap shoes for February 1 and thereafter.
Beg Ballet IBLOCH® lavenderBLOCH® Light pink with closed footPink leather ballet, full sole
Beg Ballet IIBLOCH® pastel blueBLOCH® Light pink with closed footPink leather ballet, full sole
Beg Ballet IIIBLOCH® royal blueBLOCH® Light Pink with closed footPink leather ballet, full sole
Int. Ballet I/II/IIIBLOCH® navy blue BLOCH® Ballet Pink tights, convertible is okayPink ballet, full or split sole
Adv Ballet I/IIBLOCH® Solid BlackBLOCH® Ballet Pink tights, convertible is okayPink ballet, full or split sole
Honors Ballet/ Conditioning/ VariationsSame leotard as your ballet levelSame tights as your ballet levelSame as your ballet level
BoysTight white tee shirt or white leotardBlack tights, jazz pants or bike shortsWhite ballet w/ full sole, thin white mid-calf socks
Jazz/ TapSolid color leotard (use colors above)BLOCH® Tan tights with closed footTan jazz shoes (lace-less), black tap shoes NO PATENT LEATHER, NO LACES
TapSolid color leotard (use colors above)BLOCH® Tan tights with closed footblack tap shoes NO PATENT LEATHER, NO LACES
Modern/ Lyrical/ Contemporary/ Afro JazzSolid color leotard (use colors above)BLOCH® Tan footless tights footless, not convertible (dancers may wear black jazz shorts w/ bare legs), dance skirts are permittedNo shoes necessary, Foot undeez are permitted for rehearsal only
Hip Hop- all stylesSolid color, slim fit tee shirt or tank top, NO LOGOS.Black hip hop pants, no logos, no jeansBlack jazz sneakers (you may not wear them outside studio) or solid black sneakers with no other colors
FolkloricoGirls: tee shirt/ tank Boys: tee shirtGirls: leggings, yoga pant (skirts provided) Boys: shorts, sweats or loose jeansGirls: folklorico shoes Boys: folklorico boots (teacher will order or provide)
Irish StepSolid color leotard (use colors above for your age level)BLOCH® Black tights, NOT convertibleBlack Soft Irish Step Shoe (while traditional Ghillie shoes are preferred, black jazz shoes are also acceptable)
Senior through AdultLeotard or fitted athletic topTights, leggings, yoga pants, dance skirts are permittedBallet slippers, jazz shoes (black), Black tap shoes (NO PATENT LEATHER)
CheerleadingSports bra and tank top or short sleeve shirt - no long sleeves pleaseSpandex shortsSneakers which come to the studio in a bag, are put on in the lobby before class and are removed and put back in the bag to go home (like any other dance footwear). These can be any sneakers as long as the soles have been washed off. These sneakers are only to be worn when dancing, not for outdoor play, etc.

En español:

¿No sabes cómo vestirte? Estamos aquí para ofrecer consejo en cómo vestirte para la clase. Mira abajo:

Se espera que los estudiantes se vistan en la vestimenta y los zapatos apropiados, basado en la clase, como se indica. Estudiantes quién no se están visto en la vestimenta apropiada se le pedirá a no participar en la clase. El código de vestimenta es para entrenar a su niño según las reglas de baile, y no es opcional.

Código de vestimenta:

  • El pelo DEBE ESTAR firmemente y cuidadosamente retirado
  • Ballet: el pelo de las niñas DEBE estar en un moño apretado y limpio sin lacios, se prefieren las redecillas
  • Los niños: no llevan la joyería, la única tipa que permitimos son aretes pequeñas
  • Puedes traer una botella de agua, pero la deja por la puerta por favor
  • Al menos se especifique el contrario, los leotardos pueden ser un estilo sencillo de su elección

Tiendas recomendados:

Dancer’s Image (por coche)

849 Washington Street,

Newton, MA 02400 | 617. 354. 2987

Abierto 10 a 7 (los Sábados: 10 a 6, los Domingos: 12 a 5)

Discount Dance (en línea):