[col2]Born in Boston Massachusetts, Calliope is a dancer, choreographer, and visual artist. Her process of exploration in movement includes collecting from life, playing with the element of chance, and working in collaboration. She is drawn to more contemporary styles of ballet and modern dance, as well as improvisation. She studied Ballet, Modern (Horton), Jazz and Contemporary Dance at Boston Ballet, Jeanette Niel Dance Studio, Boston Arts Academy, and recently earned her BFA in Dance from the University of the Arts, Philadelphia. She has had the opportunity to work with artists including Curt Haworth, Sarah Shelton Mann, Gary Jeter, and Jesse Zaritt. Based around her love of collaboration, Calliope hopes to one day establish her own dance company where she can pay her dancers fairly in acknowledgment of their contributions to her works. She is excited to teach and pass on to her students what she has learned over her last nineteen years of training in Ballet and other dance styles.[/col2]

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