[col2]Dancing has always been my passion! From the age of 3 years old I was enrolled in dance school by my parents. I have danced and performed on stage from the age of 3 in venues all over the country. It is through dance and song that I best express myself and exhibit the gifts God has blessed me with. I have pursued and been successful at many careers in my life. I began my career as an educator at Tartt’s Day Care Centers, Inc as an early childhood educator at a very young age. Upon graduating from Ana Maria College, I became a lead teacher then moved on to the field of Human Services for many years. However, I never stopped dancing and singing. I minister as a choir director and Liturgical dancer and instructor. I am also a dance instructor at Tony Williams Dance studio in Jamaica Plain. Over the past few year’s I have been blessed to live my passion daily as a dance instructor at several Boston Public Schools. I am honored and truly blessed to share my gift and expression of life through dance each and every day![/col2]

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